About my work:

Tessa is completely taken in by the texture, color, and form of the natural environment. 

Her pieces originate from fragments of the landscape; rocks, pine needles, shells, lichen, sand, sticks, small pieces of found glass, ground cover, pressed leaves, etc. The pieces are a mix of two and three-dimentional pieces.  She does drawings, paintings, collages and prints.  The prints are etchings, monotypes, chine collé and a mix of techniques. The 3-dimentiona pieces are of found wood, metal and other natural debris fashioned into mobiles, stables, assemblages and totems.

“I have explored a variety of aspects of my home environment over the years: vast landscapes with big skies and the indigenous cowboy there in, the plants in the mountains and high desert, fragments of the landscape and animal tracks. I find inspiration on a long walk or a horseback ride into the open Wyoming landscape, with only chatter of the birds and the wind.  Every outing tells a great story, who was here, a badger, a bear or an elk, or lichen on a rock that looks like high art, and flowers blooming or dried in the fall,  or the facinating remains of a forest fire.” 

Kansas City Art Institute offered Tessa the invaluable philosophy that, mediums have no boundaries, always keep trying new things and pushing ideas to see where a piece goes.  It can be an absolute disaster, campfire material, or it can be a completely new series.  She was formally trained as a painter and printmaker, but she is also an intuitive art engineer. Tessa works in pastel, watercolor, oil, and a variety of printmaking processes.  She works on paper, canvas and creations in wood, found materials, and metal. Her process is fluid and deliberate, and she generally creates from 10 - 20 pieces in a series.
A patron remarked, “ Your pieces connect me with the natural world when it is most needed, it brings peace to my life.”

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An Artist Changes Course:
Tessa’s early pieces are Landscapes of the American West and studies of Cowboy Culture in the American West 1980-1999.  In the early 2000’s she changed directions, to the pieces you see on this website.  Her two groups of work are different in subject matter as well as media. If you know Tessa’s earlier Cowboy Pieces and Landscapes and they interest you follow her on instagram:  Tessa_Wyoming_Artist  


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